What Certifications does LSSIC Offer?
  LSSIC offers four Lean Six Sigma Certifications: LSS Yellow Belt, LSS Green Belt, LSS Black Belt and LSS Master BlacK Belt.

  How much do the LSSIC exams cost?

  • LSS Yellow Belt: $ 95 USD.
  • LSS Green Belt: $165 USD.
  • LSS Black Belt: $215 USD.
  • LSS Master Black Belt: $1250 USD.

  What is the format of the exams?
  All exam questions are multiple choice and true/false.

  How long are the exams?
  LSSIC Exam Candidates are allowed up to 5 hours for LSSIC Certified Master Black Belt, up to 4 hours for the LSSIC Certified Black Belt     Exam, up to 2,5 hours for the LSSIC Certified Green Belt Exam and up to 1,25 hours for the LSSIC Certified Yellow Belt Exam.

   Are the exams open book?
  Yes, all our exams are open book. You can use books, notebooks, calculator, fórmula Sheet.

  What is the structure of the exams? 

What is the language of the exams?

  • LSS Yellow Belt: English or Spanish
  • LSS Green Belt: English or Spanish
  • LSS Black Belt: English or Spanish
  • LSS Master Black Belt: English

  Are there any pre-requisite to sit for the exams?

  • Theres no pre-requisite to sit for Yellow Belt Certification Exam, Green Belt Certification Exam and Black Belt Certification Exam.
  • Master Black Belt Certification: requires a resume that certifies experience of at least 5 years in LSS, evidence of execution of at least 5 LSS projects at the Black Belt level and finally the presentation of the exam.

   LSSIC Certifications expire?
  No, LSSIC Certifications doesn´t expire.

  How many times can I retake the exam?
   You can retake the exam 2 times, in a period of 3 months.