Ethic Code:

It is the duty of every professional certified as Lean Six Sigma by LSSIC:

  1.  Do not resort to fraudulent methods to obtain Lean Six Sigma certification.
  2. Be truthful and transparent in all professional interactions and activities.
  3. Not mislead others regarding professional qualifications, including education, titles, affiliations, and certifications.
  4. Offer and perform services only in your areas of competence, experience and training.
  5. Do not intentionally cause harm to others through words or deeds. Respect the dignity of all people, do not discriminate.
  6. Consider people’s lives a priority, there is no economic result more valuable than a life.
  7. Conduct Business in a Professional and Respectful Manner.
  8. Guarantee the protection and integrity of confidential information.
  9. Ensure compliance with government laws.
  10. Give the respective recognition to the author of the intellectual material you use.